RChain Cooperative was founded by Greg Meredith to develop a new blockchain architecture based on the Reflective Higher-Order Calculus and the CBC Casper Framework discovered by Vlad Zamfir.

RChain Research is a branch of RChain Cooperative that aims to develop and unify advanced solutions in the following four areas of computing:

  • Features for the RChain platform at least one release in advance.
  • Axiomatic, quantum, and economically secured, decentralized consensus protocols.
  • Category theory, programming language semantics, type theory and concurrency theory, especially those related to Logic as a Distributive Law.
  • Compositional approaches to the interaction between blockchain and AI.

We are excited to announce that the RChain Research Fellowship for 2018 is now open. We are offering grants ($125,000 - $1,500,000) to qualified researchers and research groups interested in the above fields and will be accepting proposals until August 1st, 2018.

Interested researchers should send one page grant proposals to research@rchain.coop.