RChain is developed by the RChain Cooperative, for the benefit of all...

Blockchain technology represents a new, "updated" version of the internet. A set of protocols to enable transactions, equality and inclusiveness in the world. An asset to enable humans across the world to collaborate and coordinate towards solving truly global problems.

If we develop software that will one day run the world...  who will be 'in charge' of that?

In the case of RChain, the members of our cooperative will be in charge, on the basis of one member, one vote. That means that the membership is the highest authority within our organization, and is fully in control of the project.

We believe that this is the way a democratic, decentralized organization should be run. On this page, I would like to invite you to become one of our members, and help shape the future through technology.

Membership to the RChain Coop has the following benefits:

  • You can attend and vote at membership meetings
    All members vote on big issues such as electing board members, deciding on allocation of budgets, and more such things. Ultimately, the membership is the highest organ in our organization.

  • You can participate in Coop Governance
    Members coordinate the work that needs to get done to make RChain successful. We're figuring out decentralised governance while we're building.

  • You can participate in the Bounty/Reward system
    RChain has a very elaborate bounty system where a lot of the work surrounding RChain gets executed. If you want to help RChain grow, you can expect to be compensated for your contributions.

  • You can contribute to the future of the world – technologically
    That's hard to express in a monetary way, but many of our members are involved because they like to contribute to the technology and to our platform.


Ready to join?


Clicking the button below will take you straight to the registration page to become a Coop Member.

We'll ask you for:

- Email & password  ::  to create a member account
- Passport/ID  ::  so we can verify that you're a real person
- $20 member fee  ::  to keep things serious