This Week in Blockchain 11.16.18

Imogen Heap’s fans get paid, separating blockchain from cryptocurrency, Swytch in Puerto Rico, and more.

RChain: Standing on the shoulders of blockchain giants to become a fast, secure, publicly-owned network

RChain is a blockchain cooperative building a scalable, economically-secured, concurrent blockchain platform.

RChain Debrief 103: RChain on spot for Korean blockchain facility support

News from the weekly community debrief call on Wednesday, Nov 14, 2018.

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Running RNode on Amazon AWS (EC2)

This is a step by step guide to run RNode on Amazon Web Services. Setting up RNode on a VPS or a cloud service based virtual computer like the Amazon EC2 is desirable for users who are not able to set port forwarding or UPNP due to various network setups or for users who might want to run RNode for long periods

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