This Week in Blockchain 11.16.18

Imogen Heap’s fans get paid, separating blockchain from cryptocurrency, Swytch in Puerto Rico, and more.

RChain: Standing on the shoulders of blockchain giants to become a fast, secure, publicly-owned network

RChain is a blockchain cooperative building a scalable, economically-secured, concurrent blockchain platform.

RChain Debrief 103: RChain on spot for Korean blockchain facility support

News from the weekly community debrief call on Wednesday, Nov 14, 2018.

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RSong: The future of music

In collaboration with Immersion Networks (an R&D Laboratory that creates software and hardware to improve the human listening experience) and Mycelia (a music-blockchain community founded by Imogen Heap), RChain, a Cooperative building a third-generation blockchain, offered the first “immersive” music demo at RCon3 in Berlin on September 5.

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