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Jeremy Beal, Researcher

Jeremy Beal is a researcher and content writer for RChain, and programmer in his free time. He has a B.S degree in Software Development and Management. Jeremy trains with new developers in order to present the technical aspects of RChain in an accessible way. He also analyzes different industry platforms and standards. In his spare time, Jeremy works on a decentralized rideshare application that he believes can help bring trust, opportunity, and freedom back into local communities.


“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

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Tech tidbit: COMM events

A COMM event is a delivery of a message from one process to another process. It's the most fundamental operation that Rholang does...Contracts are processes that stick around and receive arbitrarily many messages. You can declare or deploy messages sent on one of these channels where there's a contract listening on the other end. When you do a deployment of a message to a particular channel and there's something listening there, it puts both of them together and then continues executing. This idea of taking a listener and the sender and joining them together, that is a COMM event.

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