Isaac DeFrain

Isaac DeFrain, Technical Writer

Isaac is a mathematician, educator, technical consultant, and blockchain and decentralization enthusiast. He received his M.A. in mathematics from Kent State University and has studied a broad range of topics from complex analysis to discrete geometry to cryptography. He is also an avid rock climber, ninja, juggler, whole foods plant-based eater, and a compulsive learner.

His favorite part about blockchain technology is that it gives us a more secure and sustainable peer-to-peer network for doing transactions of all kinds and ultimately, empowers the individual. This notion is so compelling and far-reaching that it may take several years for the world to realize the full extent of this technology. Isaac strongly believes that RChain is the secure, scalable, and sustainable blockchain solution the world has been waiting for and he is incredibly excited to work with the co-op and add as much value as possible.

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Secure. Scalable. Sustainable

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