RCast 3: Fake News and the Future of Truth (with Chris Young of Proof)

Subscribe to RCast on iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher To be a good debater, you must be able to argue both sides—or many sides—of an argument in an equally convincing fashion. This has long been how students are trained in discourse. Living in a time when anyone with...

The Governance and Politics Behind a Blockchain

Governance is one of the most important aspects of emerging blockchain communities. Vlad Zamfir recently wrote a series of articles on the importance of governance. Empowering yourself by partaking in the decision-making process of blockchain networks is an essential...

Spotlight: RSong and Plantoids with Kayvan Kazeminejad

This interview is part of a series conducted during RCon3. Each talk features individuals in the RChain ecosystem that provide knowledge and resources to help us create tools that allow everyone to coordinate and communicate better.    Jeremy Beal sits down with...

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Tech tidbit: COMM events

A COMM event is a delivery of a message from one process to another process. It's the most fundamental operation that Rholang does...Contracts are processes that stick around and receive arbitrarily many messages. You can declare or deploy messages sent on one of these channels where there's a contract listening on the other end. When you do a deployment of a message to a particular channel and there's something listening there, it puts both of them together and then continues executing. This idea of taking a listener and the sender and joining them together, that is a COMM event.

This Week in Blockchain 10.19.18

Crypto in Boom and Bust


This week's New Yorker cover story is a must-read deep-dive in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. RChain Board of Directors member Vlad Zamfir is the first person to speak in this long-ranging piece, discussing proof-of-stake:


Zamfir was showing the others some rough equations he’d worked out to address one of the thousands of riddles that need to be solved. This particular effort was an attempt (jargon alert) to optimize the incentive structure for proof-of-stake validation—that is, how best to get enough people and machines to participate in a computing operation essential to the functioning of the entire system. “We’re trying to do game theory here,” Zamfir said. The others pointed out what they thought might be flaws. “It doesn’t seem reasonable,” Zamfir said. “But the math works out.” This summarized much of what I’d encountered in crypto.


RChain Debrief 99: Items of Business

Following the technical update, Greg M gives an overview of the ballot proposals for the forthcoming member meeting on 24th October. The hangout is significantly focused on the co-op’s current state regarding funds for future developments and launch of the mainnet. Greg answers pressing questions from members about available funding and he talks about the measures to fill the financial gap. Issues were raised about ensuring an effective means of communication to coordinate for special meetings.

My Five Songs: Derek Beres

Music keeps everyone at RChain focused and engaged on the work in front of us—it is the ultimate social coordinating technology. Each week we feature five songs that a member of our community is listening to. This week Derek Beres, Director of Content, offers five tracks currently moving him while he works away in Los Angeles. Have your own five songs? Tag #myfivesongs @rchain_coop on Twitter. 


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