Dear RChain Membership,

We want to inform you that there was a security breach  on Greg’s phone on December 15, 2017 around 1:00 PM PST.  The attacker cloned his phone and proceeded to reset his passwords for multiple social accounts (e.g. gmail and, discord, etc).

Here is the discovered extent of this event:

  • His gmail password was reset

  • The attacker shut down the member Discord server and proceed to delete the entire server along with the history

  • The attacker managed to get hold of one ETH account (0xCF31D3a25dAbeA7d0E288CE6dB4adC4Cbc774258)  resulting in around 500ETH of theft

The team began their “if hacked” procedures after we discovered the breach around the same time and will continue auditing and monitoring all accounts. We are taking necessary actions to ensure safety of all accounts and to prevent such events occurring in the future.

Here are results of our audit as well as some of the preventive actions that were taken:

  • The Cooperative's database containing member's email addresses, personal information and ID's is kept separate and was not compromised

  • All other Cooperative funds, including RHOC treasury are secure

  • There were no traces of breach on Co-op’s email server, websites, Github and other infrastructure server accounts

  • RChain Holdings Inc.’s funds were not affected and are secure

In the interim, we will engage through the public Discord server at Please direct your questions and inquiries to this public discord channel.

Please do not engage with any of Greg’s (@leithaus) accounts until further notice.

The Management Team will contact law enforcement for their support and working with them.

Look for more updates shortly.

The Coop team.