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Scalable Blockchain ApPlicationS 






Scalable Blockchain ApPlicationS 



"To become a blockchain solution with industrial-scale utility, RChain must provide content delivery at the scale of Facebook and support transactions at the speed of Visa.

After due diligence on the current state of many blockchain projects, after deep collaboration with Ethereum developers, and after understanding their respective roadmaps, we concluded that the current and near-term Blockchain architectures cannot meet these requirements.

In mid-2016, we resolved to build a better blockchain architecture."






A Turing-complete and Byzantine fault-tolerant, replicated virtual machine

The RChain decentralized applications platform is powered by the Rho Virtual Machine.

INDEPENDENCE. Each instance of RhoVM executes an independent set of smart contracts on an independent blockchain and networks only when necessary. This means that RChain is partitioned (sharded) by default, resulting in a network of coordinated and parallel blockchains. This well sought-after "multi-chain" design is built with self-sufficiency in mind, and it represents a victory unique to RChain.

SCALABILITY. As the platform grows, nodes simply initialize new instances of RhoVM to manage the load. This allows the platform to scale linearly while keeping performance, consistency, and code complexity constant.

PERFORMANCE. Each instance of RhoVM is lightweight and multi-threaded, so multiple high-performance instances can exist on a single node. Thus, applications on RChain achieve unprecedented throughput, availability, and response time, opening a new landscape of decentralized applications suitable for the modern market.

Dynamic and Composable Address Spaces

The visibility of a blockchain and its smart contracts, to other contracts on the network, is determined by the blockchain’s namespace.

Namespaces offer developers a semi-automated framework to collocate and execute sets of contracts based on their features, dependencies, and behavioral patterns.

These properties can be checked statically to help developers construct type-safe environmental policies on encryption, supported interfaces, economic protocols, identity, and much more.


RChain contracts are internally concurrent. They leverage a message-passing paradigm to optimize responsiveness, offering a more dynamic and sophisticated smart contract ecosystem.

In addition to concurrency, smart contracts enjoy a number of industry-leading functions:

  • Meta-programming

  • Reactive Data Streams

  • Pattern Matching

As a result, RChain contracts are matchless in throughput and programmability. What's more, every line of code on RChain obeys a well-tested, formal model of concurrent computation, allowing automatic formal verification for highly scalable contracts.







Greg Meredith: President & Chief Architect  

Greg is the founder and visionary behind RChain, with a passion for math and over 30 years of high level experience driving innovative technology projects. Previously he was the Principal Architect of Microsoft's BizTalk Process Orchestration,  as well as Microsoft's Highwire offering and of ATM Network management solution for ATT/NCR and Co-designer and developer of MCC's Rosette/ESS technology. 

Kenny Rowe: Chief Operations Officer

Kenny is a Board Member and the Chief Operating Officer. An entrepreneur who brings a focus on governance, community building and collaboration to projects across the blockchain industry. Kenny currently serves as head of operations at MakerDAO as well as a senior consultant at CoinFund. Kenny founded the Seattle Ethereum Meetup group and previously spent eight years working in ecommerce for Newell Brands in various management roles.

Vlad Zamfir: Consensus Protocol design & Blockchain Governance Advisor

Vlad Zamfir is a prominent researcher and commentator in the blockchain ecosystem. He is most known for his research and design work on Casper, the Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol for the Ethereum project. Vlad is an outspoken thought leader on the subjects of Blockchain governance and humanitarian applications for the technology. 

Ed Eykholt: CEO of RChain Holdings Company

Ed is a Co-founder, Board Member of RChain Cooperative and the CEO of RChain Holdings Company Ed has worked has led multiple large-scale projects including work with Microsoft and Alstom Grid (acquired by GE), before founding LivelyGig. Ed is now dedicated to developing the complete RChain ecosystem. Ed has over 30 years’ experience in the technology industry, leading teams in a variety of companies. 

Evan Jensen: Secretary & General Counsel  

Evan is a Board Member and the Secretary of The RChain Cooperative. Evan also acts as General Counsel. Evan is an attorney with special interest in progressing crypto-related law. Evan earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from University of Washington, and Juris Doctor (J.D.) form Seattle University, Cum Laude and an LLM (Master of Law) in Innovation and Technology, Fintech from Seattle University.

Aleksandr Bulkin: Technology Advisor  

Alex is a Board Member and Managing Partner at CoinFund LLC. He is a multidisciplinary thinker with an interest in social and technological innovation. He holds a dual degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from NYU and a Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology from Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon. Alex bridges technological insight with social science and psychology.

Ian Bloom: Systems Administration

Ian is a Board Member of The RChain Cooperative. He is a Linux, Open Source, and Crypto currency enthusiast with a finance degree from the University of Baltimore. He has been actively supporting the development of RChain since April 2015 and was a member of Synereo's core team, helping with systems admin, marketing, website development, and hosting. He worked as a Microsoft Systems Engineer (MCSE) for AEGON, Computer Security Specialist for Fortress Technologies (now General Dynamics), & Kroll. He currently lives in Bethesda, MD.

Lisa Rice: Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer for RChain Cooperative. She has over 20 years of finance experience in accounting, financial planning, budgeting and corporate treasury. Her experience includes a broad range of businesses and industries from both public and private equity held companies. Lisa holds a MBA in Finance from the University of California, Los Angeles and a BBA in Accounting from the University of Michigan. She’s a licensed CPA in the state of Washington. 

In addition to the Board of Directors and Management team, RChain is fortunate to have a skilled group of development partners and key advisors:



Lauren Selig:  Strategic Advisor

Lauren is an entrepreneur and executive with a 20-year track record in the media, real-estate and start-up communities. Selig founded Shake and Bake Productions and V.A.L.I.S Studios to finance and produce film, television and virtual reality. Her executive producing roles have been numerous and filled with several award nominations.  Some of her films include the Academy Award winning film Hacksaw Ridge, American Made starring Tom Cruise and is currently producing Roman Israel with Denzel Washington and Last Full Measure with Al Pacino. In the virtual reality space Selig created the Facebook 360 studio. Selig served at her private family office, managing the asset allocation and portfolio management of family investments. In this role she was responsible for the development and management of over 6 million square feet of office space and investment into dozens of start-up companies.

Selig holds a B.S. in international relations from the Georgetown School of Foreign Service and London School of Economics, as well as a JD-MBA in technology management from Northwestern and University of Washington. Selig is active in the Los Angeles and Seattle communities serving on the boards of the X-Prize, Planetary Resources, Waxtoken, OTOY, 8i and the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences.


David Otto, Outside General Counsel

David M. Otto has twenty-eight years of experience in corporate finance, securities, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate law and governance. In addition to his law practice, Mr. Otto founded Otto Capital, LLC to identify and secure private equity, venture capital, and debt financing for start-up and emerging growth companies. He grew up in Seattle and enjoys being involved in projects and activities that support the community. His credentials include, Bar Admissions: Washington and New York, Harvard University, B.A., Government, Harvard-Shrewsbury Fellowship Recipient, 1981, and Fordham University School of Law, J.D., Commentary Editor, Fordham International Law Journal, 1987


Steve Careaga

Steve has more than 20 years of extensive experience in the areas of business management, venture capital, private equity, project management and business development. Steve has worked with many start-ups and emerging growth companies, started several successful ventures and has served both private and public companies at the CEO, COO and Director level. Steve also has extensive experience in China and Hong Kong working with companies in the real estate development, commercial construction, environmental, and technology sectors in Asia. Steve is also very active in the blockchain community heading up a team at Otto Capital LLC, specializing in funding for blockchain startups.


Greg Heuss

As a serial entrepreneur Greg has been involved with technology companies for over 20 years and has helped build some of the largest brands in the world.  He got his first taste of the start-up world in 1998 when Amazon was still a start-up where he led the sales and marketing efforts of new product, brand and special events.  Greg went on to help create which he sold, to  He later helped build and direct multiple companies to a point of merger, sale and/or public offering.  He has a deep background in data analytics, AI and image recognition along with a diverse and deep understanding of the music industry.  Greg has always been on the cutting edge of consumer trends and technology. His most recent venture has led to specializing in the structure, go-to-market and fund raising efforts within the blockchain community. Greg holds a degree in Business and Marketing from Washington State University.



  • Greg M. (Lead)
  • Mike S. (Lead)
  • Medha P. (P.M) 
  • Timm S.  
  • Chris K.W
  • Griff M. 
  • Joseph D.
  • Kent S.
  • David C. 



“Greg Meredith is a logician and mathematician with an astounding grasp of concurrency, formal verification, language design, and computer science. His knowledge is not compartmentalized, but rather reflects his holistic understanding of the fundamentals of theoretical computer science.

                                                                                                     - Vlad Zamfir, Ethereum Foundation Researcher


“Greg is a thinker of consequence and magnitude, who is not afraid to tackle truly complex fundamental problems. RChain is an ambitious undertaking that promises to solve a number of pressing issues in the space of distributed consensus and decentralized electronic finance. If successful, this project will quickly create a new standard model for smart contract and DApp development.”

                                                                       - Alex Bulkin, Co-founder @ and Consensus Labs, Inc.


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